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Our guest experiences can answer to all you requires.




'Stellar tropical lifestyle & sound investment'


  • How do I add a new question?
    Submit your question to our Chat Bot, our team will get back to you shortly.
  • What is your address in English?
    216 Moo 3 Phu Dahla Residences, Klonghaeng Road, Aonang District, Amphur Muang, Krabi 81180 Please see direction to our property under “Location & Contact Us” by hit “View our Map”
  • What is your address in Thai?
    216 หมู่ 3 ภูดาหลา เรสซิเด้นท์เซส ถนนคลองแห้ง ต. อ่าวนาง อ. เมือง จ. กระบี่ 81180 (อยู่ในซอยเดียวกับปกาสัย อยู่หลัง The Sea Condo (เดอะ ซี คอนโด) อยู่ในซอยตำรวจท่องเที่ยว Please see direction to our property under “Location & Contact Us” by hit “View our Map”
  • What time that I can check in?
    Our check in policy is at 03.00 pm.
  • Can I early check in?
    Please to be noted that the policy of our checking-in time will be at 03.00 pm. If your room is available and be ready at the time you check in, we’ll deliver the room to you before 03.00 pm. We’ll inform you for our availability at the time of your arrival since we can not promise the early check-in of this moment. However, if the room is not available in the early morning , you definitely can have a process of checking in once you arrive the property. You can leave your luggage at the Front Desk and take your time at the swimming pool, or outside at the beach and come back later on.
  • What is your check in process?
    Please find below for our checking in process: 1. Our checking in time is at 02.00 pm. (If the room is ready before 02.00 pm., we'll let you enter your room first. If not, you can proceed your checking in, leave your luggage at the Front Desk and take your time at swimming pool or outside at the beach and get back later at around 02.00 pm.) 2. Please prepare your passport and booking confirmation for the process of checking in. 3. When you arrive here, your key card should be in your own room already. 4. We require deposit per room just to guarantee furniture, during checking in time. We'll return the deposit to you upon your departure date, during checking out time. 5. During checking in process, our Receptionist will inform you all necessary information you should know while you're staying with us. 5. After the checking in process is done, our Receptionist will escort you to your own room. 6. In your room, if you want our housekeeper to clean up your room, please do not forget to hang the tag of "Make up Room" out with the door lever. If you face the other side, “Do not Disturb”, of the tag out or you don't hang the "make up room tag" with the door lever, our housekeeper will not clean up your room. This is for your privacy.
  • Do you offer Airport Transfer?
    Please to be noted that we also offer a Transfer Arrangement service at Krabi International Airport to our property with the following rates applied. Private Car: 600 Baht/way/car Private Van: 850 Baht/way/car * Please send us the email in case you prefer our Airport Transfer arrangement, so we can arrange it for you further. *We require you flight details (Airline, Flight Number and Landing Time) for an accuracy of our further Transfer Arrangement. * You can make your payment at the Front Desk Counter (At the property) upon your arrival. * The driver will wait for you, by showing the plate with your name attached on it, before your landing at the Airport. * If the landing time is between 11.00 pm. - 05.00 am., the price will be a bit higher. Please contact us for more information needed.
  • Do you have any baby cot?
    Yes, we do. However, the baby cot is available upon your prior request.
  • I buy Room Only, Can I buy breakfast at the residences (property)?"
    Sure, you can do this.
  • How much the price of breakfast if I want to buy it later on at the residences (property)?
    The price of breakfast for adult is at 250 – 350 Baht. The price of breakfast for kids (3-12 years old) is at 200 – 250 Baht.
  • What’s kind of breakfast do you offer?
    Most of the time the breakfast will be Continental Breakfast (Buffet), and A-La-Carte. If it’s A-La-Carte, our staff will give you the menu lists that you can choose.
  • Do you offer vegetarian food?
    Yes, we do offer. Please inform us in advance so we can prepare. If we haven’t received your prior notice, the vegetarian menu will come with limited choices.
  • Do you offer Halal food?
    Yes, we do offer. Please inform us in advance so we can prepare. If we haven’t received your prior notice, the halal menu will not be served.
  • Do you have any room service?
    Yes, we do have a room service. You will find our room service menu in the room.
  • What time of room service?
    Room service will start from 11.00 am. – 09.00 pm.
  • Do you have laundry service in the property?
    Yes, we do. We have coin-operated washing machine at the residences (property) or you can use our Laundry service partner with the Laundry List placed in your room. Please contact our Receptionist for any information needed regarding to laundry service.
  • I’m at Phuket International Airport, how do I get to your residences (property)?"
    We can arrange the transfer from Phuket International Airport to our residences (property) costs around 2,700 Baht/way/car and 3,200 Baht/way/van.
  • Can you suggest me the tours/one-day trips/excursions?
    Yes, we have tour counter available at the property that you can ask for more information with our Receptionist 24 hours. However, to reserve the tour, we require one day reservation in advance.
  • Do your residences (property) closed to any shopping areas, restaurants, markets or convenient stores?"
    Yes, our residence is within proximity areas to other shopping areas, restaurants, markets and convenient stores.
  • What is checking out time?
    Checking out time is at 12.00 at noon.
  • Can I have late check out?
    Our checking out policy is at 12.00 at noon. Late check out is not promising and it’s upon room availability.
  • Do your residences (property) is on the beach?
    We are not on the beach but within proximity area. It takes only 5 minutes to the beach by our shuttle bus, available free of charge for every hour.
  • Do you provide any shuttle bus service?
    Yes, we do. Please refer to our shuttle bus schedule under Facilities & Services (In Shuttle Bus Icon).
  • How can I go to Krabi Night Market from your residences (property)?
    We offer joined van or private car/van to Krabi Night Market. You can contact our Receptionist at Front Desk Counter, 24 hours, for more needed information.
  • What day that Krabi Night Market is opened?
    Krabi Night Market is opened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • What opening hours for swimming pool?
    Our swimming pool is opened from 10.00 pm. – 08.00 pm.
  • Do you have fitness in the residences (property)?
    Yes, we do. Our fitness is opened from 10.00 pm - 08.00 pm.
  • Can I smoke in room?
    All of our rooms are non-smoking rooms. So we are sorry to say that you can not smoke in your room. As in every room have smoke detector so it’s not suitable to smoke in your room. However, you can smoke in the public areas provided for smoking such as in front of the Lobby and the provided area at swimming pool.
  • How many types of rooms do you have?
    We have altogether 5 room types. Please see the detail under “The Residences” for more information.
  • How many persons can be in my room?
    PHU DAHLA Deluxe Room, PHU DAHLA En-Suite, and PHU DAHLA Honeymoon Suite, can be accommodated 2 people in room without additional charges. PHU DAHLA Master Suite and PHU DAHLA Presidential Suite can be accommodated 3 people or 2 adults + 1 child without additional charges.
  • Can I bring my friend (who not registered) in my room?
    As our guests’ safety is our first priority so that any persons that not registered enter the residences need to exchange his/her ID Card or passport with Visitor Card. He/She shall exchange it back before his/her leaving.
  • Is the room price I see included tax or service charges?
    Yes, the room price you see included tax and service charges already.
  • I’m at the pier, how can I get to your property?"
    As there are many piers in Krabi and Aonang, please inform us the name of the pier that you will be dropped off and contact us so we can tell you how exactly that you can get here.
  • Do you have honeymoon package?
    Yes, we do have. Please refer to Promotions & Packages for more information.
  • Do you offer any package?
    Yes, we do have. Please refer to Promotions & Packages for more information.
  • Do you offer any special price?
    We offer our guests in term of value and benefits. Please refer to Promotions & Packages for more information.
  • Can I have a sweet room with flower decoration on my bed?
    Yes, you can. Please specify or tell us in detail for what exactly you would like us to set up for you in your sweet room. We can do this to surprise your beloved one as well. Please send us an email for more detail you prefer your room set up to be.
  • Do you have any cooking class at the residences (property)?
    Yes, we do have cooking class at the residences. You can contact our Receptionist at the Front Desk Counter for more information. You can also find more details of cooking class from the leaflet placed in your own room.
  • Can I cook in my room?
    We generally not suggest our guests to do this as we have smoke detector in the room. However, if our guests require those, we also provide stove and some kitchenware in room. Those’re available upon prior requests.
  • Do you have the stove in room?
    No, we don’t have stove in room. But we can place it in your room. This will be subjected on availability and upon request.
  • What facilities you have in your room?
    Please refer to “Facilities & Service” in our website for more needed information.
  • How many bedrooms in my room?
    There is one bedroom in PHU DAHLA Deluxe Room, PHU DAHLA En-Suite and PHU DAHLA Honeymoon Suite There is two bedrooms in PHU DAHLA Master Suite and PHU DAHLA Presidential Suite.
  • What size of bed for each room type?
    There is one king size bed in PHU DAHLA Deluxe Room, PHU DAHLA En-Suite and PHU DAHLA Honeymoon Suite There is one king size bed and one single bed in PHU DAHLA Master Suite and PHU DAHLA Presidential Suite.
  • Can I have more than one key card per room?
    We generally provide one key card per room. We suggest you to have only one key card in the room. As the second key card won’t work when the other given card is already in the key card slot in your own room.
  • Do you have any motorcycle/motorbike rental at the residences (property)?
    Yes, we do have motorcycle/motorbike rental service at the residences (property). It costs around 250 – 350 Baht per motorbike per day. Please prepare your original passport as the motorbike company require this. They shall return the passport to you when you return the motorbike to them. Please also prepare your driving license with you as it’s in need for such rental.
  • Do we need to provide every passport during checking in time?
    Yes, we do need every passport as this is for all of our guests’ safety.
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